On a hot Saturday in 2005, I was standing in line with my dear wife at a beach party. She wanted to order a cocktail, and I already had a beer in my hand.

We stood in the shade at what felt like 40 degrees, and it just couldn't go on. Everything felt like chewing gum - and I can tell you one thing - I don't like that at all. In general, I am an impatient person because time is my greatest asset. Since I was quite annoyed by the whole action, my wife said to me: "Can't you think of something that can make the Cocktails faster?"

The idea was born! My thought was: "If I were to make a cocktail stand myself, how much more sales could I generate if things went faster?" But you know yourself: ideas are worthless as long as you don't make anything of them. Success lies in the IMPLEMENTATION of ideas, not in the idea itself. So I got to work.

The customer should be able to make his own cocktail faster and better than ever before.

I started trying, experimenting, and making many mistakes. Sometimes something works; often it doesn't.

People around me doubted me and my idea and were sure that
... people watch the bartender's show and don't want to take a boring cocktail machine.
... the cocktail mix machine is too expensive; nobody buys it anyway.
... the cocktails can't taste good from a cocktail mix machine.
... product development will cost too much money and
... there is no market for it.

And what should I say? They were all wrong.

Today we are way ahead in the market and leave many competitors behind. We have won the largest restaurant chain in Germany as a customer and are growing steadily.

Today we can proudly tell stories of customers who prove to all doubters that their guesses were wrong!

Our customers are convinced of our cocktail mix machine.

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