Can I use my own Ingredients?

Yes of course! You continue to buy your Ingredients at your supplier, just the technic comes from us.

How long does the cleaning take?

Your employee will take ca. 5 min, then the pipes and the bar are clean.

How much space does the CocktailMaker need?

This depends on many aspects.
The Dispending head is 200 x 200 mm.
The container are 350 x 450 x 70 mm.

This are rough values and can be individually adjusted.
We already made a lot of hundreds insallations and only once couldn’t fit in the machine.
We will find a solution !

How many Ingredients can I use?

This depends on, for which product you decide: Depending on the product you can use up to 50 Ingredients.

Can I connect my Cash-Register with the Machine?

Yes, your Cash-Register system just needs a Dispensing protocol.

How many Recepies can I save?

Up to 500 recepies.

How long does the ROI ( Return on Invest ) take?

This can be really fast. We have customers that had there ROI already after 10 months.

Can I try the CocktailMaker?

Yes this is possible, just send us a request to info@cocktailmaker-africa.com or call us +255 0672604840

Do I have to clean all pipes every day?

No, only Juices and Milk pipes has to be cleaned every day. Spirit pipes don’t have to be cleaned.

Can I only produce Cocktails with the CocktailMaker?

 No, you can use any kind of drinks except ones with pulp. So there are no limits for your creativity

Can I produce Drinks with carbonic acid?

Yes, fort hat we are using a special system. Just tell us in the planning process.

Can I use my own Cocktailrecepies ?

Yes, of course.

Do I need a computer to programm the recepies ?

No, you can adjust all recepies on your CocktailMaker display. But with the PC it is also possible.

What happens when the CocktailMaker breaks on busy weekends?

For this unlikely event we have a emergency hotline which can be called in this situation

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