Introducing the simplest way to make Cocktails to Africa

Why your Bar is losing a lot of Money?

You know, why your customers are deciding for you, but you never know why Customers are deciding against you.


Every Minute that a Customer is waiting too long, he will spend less money at your bar.

Bar Loss

Most Bars are losing 35% on Bar loss.


A customer who got a bad quality Drink will not order another one.

Result: Imagine a System which produce Drinks extremely fast by reducing Bar loss down to 0%, and makes every Drink equal to the other.

No More Lost

Every drop counts.

With the Cocktailmaker, lost drinks are a thing of the past. Cocktail delivery traceable and efficient.


Every Cocktail fast.

More sales through optimized workflow and faster throughput in production.


Every more easy.

Reduce training times to a minimum. Simply use existing staff


Every Cocktail Exactly.

Consistent recipes provide security for quality and increase guest satisfaction.


Easy and fast 

With the 14 Gear pumps, you make easily 100 Cocktails per hour. Connect the CocktailMaker Smart with your Cash Register


The Eyecatcher

With all benefits of the SMART series.


Everything in one Machine

Comes with 18 FlowJet pumps. With them, you can easily manage to produce 400 Cocktails/h. With the CocktailMaker One, you can Control you're Cocktail sales online, wherever you are.

The Cocktailmaker will make you only more Turnover if…

… you’re selling more then 400 Cocktails per Month…
… you’re not working with High Class Barkeeper…
… You’re want to sell Softdrinks without buying bottles….

Why are the results of our customers that good?


Handpooring : Will need minimum 20 Seconds for a drinks, and can get confused with too many orders at once.

Cocktailmaker: Also big order lists can be manged quick and easy by producing in a 5 Secound takt


Handpooring: Quality is depending on Emotional well being and conentration of the Barkeeper.

Cocktailmaker: Doesn’t matter which Staff is in charge, every Cocktail will be perfect and satisfiying for the customer.

Bar Loss

Handpooring: Up to 35% are no rarity
Cocktailmaker: The machine only poors exactly the amount that is needed.

How much can I Save Calculator.

The visitor can type in how much Bar Loss he Thinks he has (5% to 40 % and then he can type in how many Cocktails he is selling per Month ( 100 – 10.000) for which average selling price ( 4 USD to 12 USD) Now it has to Calculate how much the visitor would save up in 5 Years. After the Calculation a make a Appointment Button should pop up.

The CocktailMaker One Can Do More

Longdrinks, Beercocktails, Shots; Winespritzers, Lemonades, Juice spritzers, Iceteas, Milkshakes, Shotcocktails, XXL Cocktails, Kids Cocktails.

Are only some examples of the immensive opportunities in Drink producing that the CocktailMaker gives you

That’s how we can work together

  • Fill out the questionnaire - Give us some information about your company.
  • Analyze – Our Team will come back to you with a Appointment request to find out the potentials at your place and to find the right spot for the Machine.
  • Our experts will prepare a Installation at your place exactly how you want it.

What happens after the questionnaire?

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, one of our professionals will work out your strategy with you. He will prepare the amount of needed Ingredients and propose some Cocktail recepies. He will guarantee you that you are getting the best results with TheCocktailMaker.

Here you can find the frequentiy asked questions!