Why is your Bar losing Money?

You know, why your customers are deciding for you, but you never know why Customers are deciding against you.


Every Minute that a Customer is waiting is less money spent at your bar

Bar Loss

Most Bars are losing 35% on Bar loss.


A customer experiencing a bad quality drink will not order another one.

Result: Imagine a System producing Drinks extremely fast, reducing your Bar loss down to 0% while providing your Customers with constant high quality.

No More Losses

Every drop counts.

With the Cocktailmaker, lost drinks are a thing of the past. We offer measured and efficient delivery.


Optimized time delivery.

An Increase in sales throught a faster production and improved workflow.


Simply use existing staff.

Reduce training times to a minimum. Simply use existing staff


Constant high quality.

Perfectly calibrated recipes, securing quality and ensuring Customer satisfaction.

Why are the results of our clients that good?


Handpooring : A minimum of 60 Seconds for a drink, while potentially getting confused with too many orders at once.

Cocktailmaker: Large order lists can be can automatically be managed by the System and quickly executed in a 5 second average.


Handpooring: Manuel execution is not perfect and can fluctuate depending on factors such as perception and concentration, affecting the quality and the constance of the delivery.

Cocktailmaker: The delivery is independent of the Staff a part from basic knowledge of use, and if therefore able to creaate the perfectly satisfying Drink for the Customer.

Bar Loss

Handpooring: Up to 35%
Cocktailmaker: Exact and automaized calculation of the required amount for each and every recipes.





4,2 Inch

7 Inch


Gear Pump

Flow Jet


14 - 16

18 - 50

Cocktails per hour




up to 60

up to 500

Cash register connection


Bar Key

Carbonated Drinks

The CocktailMaker ONE Can Do More

Longdrinks, Beercocktails, Shots; Winespritzers, Lemonades, Juice spritzers, Iceteas, Milkshakes, Shotcocktails, XXL Cocktails, Kids Cocktails.

Those are only some examples, there are no limits to your imagination.

That’s how we can work together

  • Fill out the questionnaire - Give us some information about your company.
  • Analyze – Our Team will come back to you with a Appointment request to find out the potentials at your place and to find the right spot for the Machine.
  • Our experts will prepare a Installation exactly the way you need it.

What happens after the questionnaire?

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, you work together with one of our professionals on your strategy. He will prepare amount of ingredients needed and discuss Cocktail recepies upon our experience. Our support will guarantee optimal resuslts using the CocktailMaker.

Here you can find the frequentiy asked questions!